COMBO: Hair Grow+ Hangover Relief+ Enriched Sleep (10 Slips Pack)

Hangover Relief+ is made with a special blend of Kharjua, Kasni, Yavatika, Draksha, Bhumyamalaki, Amalaki, and Curcumin, not only combat the effects of alcohol, but also offer a refreshing orange flavor for a truly luxurious experience.

These oral strips are scientifically designed to promote hair growth, improve shine and luster, and restore damaged hair. Get thicker and shinier hair without any harmful side effects.

Experience deeper and more rejuvenating sleep with Slip Slips - perfect for those struggling to fall asleep. Infused with Vitamin B6, L Theanine, Passion Flower, Melatonin, and Valerian in a delightful Lavender flavor.

Buy COMBO: Hair Grow+ Hangover Relief+ Enriched Sleep (10 Slips Pack)

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Plant BasedSoy FreeNon GMOGluten FreeDairy FreeNut Free
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Buy Hair Grow+ 10 Slips Pack: With added Keranat™, Biotin, Virgin Coconut Oil, Marine Collagen (by Woke Nutrition)
Buy Hangover Relief+ 10 Slips Pack: With Special Blend Of Kharjua, Kasni, Yavatika, Draksha, Bhumyamalaki, Amalaki, and Curcumin (by Woke Nutrition)
Buy Enriched Sleep - 10 Slips Pack: With Melatonin, Vitamin B6, Valerian, Passion Flower (by Woke Nutrition)
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No more pills, capsules, or gummies! See it for yourself here!

Slip Slips™ uses the power of nanoscience to make living healthy easier. These quick-dissolving strips turn essential vitamins and herbs into nanoparticles that melt on your tongue for an enjoyable and fun way to absorb all their goodness!

Frequently Asked Question's

Slip Slips’ products are completely safe for consumption without the need for any prescription. However, if you’re pregnant or lactating then it is best that consult your doctor before taking these supplements as they may not be appropriate in some cases.

Absolutely not. You can enjoy the benefits of our products without worrying about any side effects. We use only safe, natural ingredients that have been shown time and again as being good for you!

Each Slip is made with Nano Science, which means it will melt when placed on your tongue. You can take these anytime or anywhere without water!

There are 10/30 oral strips per box, and they will last you 1 month. You take one strip each day for 10/30 days to get through a whole pack!

For Adults only. Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating, trying to conceive, taking medication or have medical condition. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not for medicinal use.

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